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The death of George Floyd is a painful reminder of the legacy of injustice and violence against people of color in our state and in our country.  Just as the toxicity of racism requires each of us to look in the mirror and see our own biases, MMEA must do the same.

We also know that our words will mean little if they are not backed by action. In addition to existing and future  initiatives we will implement the following:

· Equity Training in our mentoring conference and our January

In-Service Workshop/Conference that is music classroom specific.

· Establish a resource panel to provide historical and stylistic context for music by

composers from marginalized and underrepresented populations.

· Examine the role of equity in MMEA systems and events.


MMEA is committed to doing everything in our power to ensure that each member is welcomed, valued, and supported within our organization. MMEA can, and will, do better to ensure equity in music education.


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The Missouri Music Educators Association is a Federated Affiliate of the
National Association for Music Education


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