Autumn Shurley

Autumn Shurley received her BS in Music Education in 2010 and her MS in Curriculum and Instruction in 2019, both from Missouri Southern State University.  She has been involved in church music ministry and is currently serving as co-vice president of Elementary Music for the Southwest Missouri Music Educators Association.  In this position, she has planned successful honor choir events for fourth and fifth grade students in Southwest Missouri for the past eight years. 

During her time as a music educator, she served on multiple leadership committees within the Joplin School District, including the planning of professional development for new teachers.  Over the past year, Autumn has obtained training in Adaptive Schools, Behavior Intervention Support Team, and Cognitive Coaching.  Each training has equipped Autumn with valuable tools that can be used not only in the classroom, but also in various leadership positions and in everyday conversations with adults and students.

Autumn is currently the department lead for elementary music teachers in the Joplin School District.  In this position, she has been responsible for planning and leading the professional development of elementary music teachers within her district, as well as collaborating with middle and high school music educators. 

In the classroom, Autumn encourages her students to develop a vast appreciation for musical experiences while exploring their own creativity and developing self confidence. Whether it be through hands-on participation with various instruments or active composition activities, Autumn seeks for all students to find success in the music classroom.