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 General Information

MMEA Vice-Presidents are elected by the MMEA membership and serve two-year terms.  

        *NOTE: MMEA Vice-Presidents serve as a voting members on the MMEA Board of Directors.

The MMEA Jazz Vice-President is responsible for the following duties, each year during their two-year term:     


     Position Responsibilities:

  • Represent all levels of Instrumental and Vocal Jazz throughout the state.
  • Attend MMEA Board of Director Meetings (February, April, August).
  • Submit four articles for the Missouri School Music Magazine (February, April, August, November)
  • Coordinate the selection process for ten (3**) performing ensembles (Jazz) for the Annual MMEA In-Service Workshop/Conference.
  • Secure and coordinate three (3**) clinic sessions for the Annual MMEA In-Service Workshop/Conference.
  • Preside over all Jazz concerts and clinics at the Annual MMEA In-Service Workshop/Conference.
  • Serve on MMEA officer recommendation committee. (Odd numbered years).
  • Select Outstanding Music Educator and Outstanding Young Music Educator Award.

          **See Conference Planning

MMEA Board of Directors Meetings

Missouri School Music Magazine

Conference Planning


Clinic/Session Parameters

Budget: $600 (Total Clinician Fees)

# Clinic Sessions: 3*

# Performing Ensembles: 3*


*The third clinic is to be used exclusively as a reading session, if accepted by the MMEA Jazz Vice-President. (If a reading session is not accepted, the third clinic session will not be scheduled.)

*The third jazz concert is to be used exclusively for vocal jazz, if accepted by the MMEA Jazz Vice-President. (If a vocal jazz ensemble is not accepted, the third jazz concert will not be scheduled.)

*NOTE: Exhibitor “Expand Your Visibility” Sponsorships are not applied to the clinician/presenter agreement te6

Conference Planning Information