recording services bid proposal

  • The company awarded the recording contracts for the 2022 and 2023 MMEA Conference/Clinic will receive NO financial compensation from MMEA.  MMEA will provide the company awarded the recording contract the following:

    a.      Sole rights to record events at the conference (audio and/or video).

    b.     Booth space outside of the all-state performance venue on Saturday ONLY.

    c.      Copies of programs (musical selections to be performed) submitted by the honor group directors and All-state/collegiate coordinators. (Tentative deadline:  November 15)

    d.   MMEA will provide up to three rooms, at no cost, for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of the conference.  Additional rooms requested will be reserved by MMEA, but will be paid for by the vendor. 

    *NOTE:  Rooms will be provided only for company staff/employees working the conference.  A maximum of three rooms will be provided for a single company that is awarded both audio and video service contracts.

    Please submit your proposal online through the MMEA Website.  DEADLINE: August 2, 2021.

  • MMEA, Tan-Tar-A Conference Center, or their representatives assume no liability for equipment loss and/or damage during transport and/or on site.  Insurance is the sole responsibility of the provider.