Music Education Advocacy

MMEA is committed to maintaining and improving school music education for all students and encourages all Missourians to support and advocate for music and the arts. Each student should have access to a well-balanced, comprehensive, high-quality, sequential program of music taught by teachers who are certified in music education. It is our responsibility to share the value of our art form with school administrators, members of boards of education and local communities. Music educators build alliances with educators and other community members in every school district to convey the importance of fine arts as part of the education of our students and work toward policies that support music and the arts.


Local Advocacy

Students, their parents, teachers, and community leaders throughout the state must ensure that the local and state leaders representing them are aware of their priorities. Advocating for music education in the schools is a statewide effort requiring constant local participation.

MMEA is committed to advocating at the state level as well as providing support to enable effective local advocacy. Resources are provided to assist members and other advocates in support of music education for all Missouri students.


MMEA Advocacy Network

During an active state legislative session, MMEA distributes information to those interested in and supportive of fine arts education through the MMEA Music Advocacy Network. To receive updates and information that can help you support fine arts education with your state leaders, register HERE as an advocate for music education.


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MMEA Advocacy Resources