MMEA Research chair


MMEA Advisory Council Members are appointed by the MMEA Vice-President and approved by the MMEA Board of Directors.

MMEA Advisory Council Members serve two-year terms coinciding with the MMEA Board of Directors’ term. 


The MMEA Research Chair is responsible for the following duties, each year during their

two-year term:


Position Summary:  The MMEA Research Chair serves as an ex officio member of the Editorial Board of the Missouri Journal of Research in Music Education, and as the liaison between the journal’s Editorial Board and the MMEA Board of Directors.


Position Responsibilities:

  • Secure and coordinate one (1) clinic session for the Annual MMEA In-Service Workshop/Conference.
  • Preside over the MSHSAA Research Poster Session at the Annual MMEA In-Service Workshop/Conference
  • Attend MMEA Board of Director Meetings (May, August)

           *NOTE:  MMEA Advisory Council Members serve in an advisory capacity and act as non-

           voting members on the MMEA Board of  Directors.

  • Submit four articles for the Missouri School Music Magazine (February, April, August, November).




Job Description:  MMEA Research Chair

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