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MMEA Conference administration

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board member notes

Conference Details | Board Members

  • Conference Registration:  MMEA Board Members do NOT register for the conference via online registration.
    • Registration for all BOD members will be completed by the MMEA Secretary/Treasurer.
    • All conference registration materials, name badges, etc., will be available for pick-up at the Wednesday evening BOD dinner at the conference.

  • Conference Lodging:  The MMEA Secretary/Treasurer will secure lodging reservations for all BOD members.
    • BOD members must complete the TTA Conference Lodging Form (below) .

     NOTE:  MMEA District Presidents/Advisory Board Members | MMEA secures the lodging reservation, but does NOT cover lodging expenses. 
expenses are the responsibility of the respective BOD member.

clinic/session administration

Clinic/Session Parameters

Budget: $0 (Total Clinician Fees)

# Clinic Sessions: *1

*Clinic Session includes “Retired Members Coffee.”

*NOTE: Exhibitor “Expand Your Visibility” Sponsorships are not applied to the clinician/presenter agreement terms.”

Clinician Agreement Guidelines

Independent Contractor Agreements

DEADLINE:  All contracts are to be submitted by September 15.


In -State Clinician/Presenter
(Current Missouri Educator)

Clinic/Session Checklists | Retired Members

Clinic/Session Administrative Forms