84th Annual

MMEA In-service workshop/conference

January 26-29, 2022
Tan-Tar-A Conference Center

To be completed by performing ensemble directors only

Deadline:  December 1


Directors must complete two (2) forms to secure Performance Badges and Guest Badges for the day of your performance

  1. Submit the online form located on this page to include Performance Certificate & Performance Badge Information.
  2. Print,  complete and mail the form linked below to be included with your guest badge payment. 


General Information:

  • Colleagues (music teachers) DO NOT qualify for a performance (chaperone) badge.  All music teachers must properly register for the conference as MMEA members.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  Your ensemble has been selected to perform for the MMEA membership.  Performances are not intended to be a “home concert” at Tan-Tar-A.   In planning, remember that seating is limited (75 Guest Badges per ensemble) and parking is at a premium.


Payment Information:

MMEA will accept CHECKS ONLY for payment of guest badges.  

(MMEA Does not accept purchase orders.)


PRINT THIS FORM and mail the completed form, with your payment, to:

Elaine Swofford

MMEA Secretary/Treasurer

7229 N. Bellefontaine AVE

Gladstone, MO  64119

DEADLINE:  Paper form and payment POSTMARK: December 1

2022 Certificate of Performance & Performance Badge Information

  • Contact Information

  • Performance Information

  • Please include am or pm. (Ex: 8:30am)
  • Performance Certificate Information

  • (Please provide name/s EXACTLY as you wish them printed on your Certificate of Performance.)
  • (Please provide name/s EXACTLY as you wish them printed on your Certificate of Performance.)
  • (Please provide information EXACTLY as you wish it to be printed on your Certificate of Performance)
  • Performance Badge Information

  • *Maximum of One (1) Chaperone per Ten (10) students. **NOTE: All music educators serving as chaperones MUST be registered for the conference as an active/retired member.
  • Guest Badge Information

    If YES, print the form above and submit with payment. If NO, please indicate "0" in the box below.
  • Submit ONE payment with completed Guest Badge Form (print from this page) to: Elaine Swofford, MMEA Secretary/Treasurer - 7229 N. Bellefontaine - Gladstone, MO 64119 (MMEA Does NOT accept Purchase Orders.)
  • Shipping Information

  • NOTE: Guest Badges will be ground mailed, to the address provided above, in early January.