Choose Hope! The Healing Promise of Music

January 26-29, 2022

Tan-Tar-a Conference Center


Deadline: November 1, 2021

Organizations wishing to schedule a business meeting during the 2020 MMEA In-Service Workshop/Conference must complete this form, and be approved by the MMEA President. Organizations will be provided a room with chairs, table(s), lectern, projection screen and microphone at no charge.   Any other equipment relating to media and/or food & beverage must be requested and paid for the organization requesting the meeting.  

NOTE:  Any/All food and beverage intended to be served at the meeting must be ordered through Tan-Tar-A after the meeting has been approved by the MMEA President.

*Preferences for the day, time, and location will be at the discretion of the MMEA President and will be based on availability. Attendees of the business meeting must be registered members or guests of MMEA and the 2022 MMEA  In-Service Conference/Workshop.

2022 Business Meeting Request Form

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    *Scheduling is subject to availability.
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