Missouri All-State Children’s Choir

                                                 rehearsal & Performance

                                                                                      Wednesday, January 26, 2022
                                                                                       4:30pm – Paradise C Ballroom






Come Out To Play                                                                             2-part

arranged by Douglas Beam                                                      (2009) Colla Voce 24-96520

piano & recorder


Double, Double Toil And Trouble                                                 SA

Shakespeare/Leeann Starkey                                                  (2015) Colla Voce 24-95990



Give Us Hope                                                                                     Unison with optional descant (2-part)

Papoulis/Schaff/Urbach                                                            (2018) Hal Leonard 48024314

arranged by Francisco J. Nuñez



Hazrat Bibi Maryam                                                                     3-part Treble [not SAT]

by Zuleikha, arranged by James Carr                                  (2011) Music Is Elementary CRCP IV

piano (optional guitar)


“Hey Little Birdie” from Song for Trees, a song and tune cycle which traces the changing seasons of nature, life, and love. This movement captures the beginning of spring from the perspective of a cherry tree in bloom.                                


by Taylor Ackley                                                                                (2021) manuscript

Cello & Mandolin (optional piano)


Uno, Dos Y Tres (A Cuban Conga)                                                2-part (in Spanish)

by Rafael Ortiz, arranged by Carlos R. Abril                        (2002) World Music Press VTS #45

piano & percussion (maracas, agogo, conga)