MMEA Hall of Fame Award

OBJECTIVE:  To honor any individual who has made a lasting or enduring impact on the stature and condition of music education in the state of Missouri.


  1. This person may be:
    1. Alive or deceased
    2. Active or retired from service in the state of Missouri.
  2. Residency at the time of selection is not a pre-requisite.
  3. The candidate must have sustained ongoing membership in MMEA/NAfME.
  4. The candidate must have demonstrated, over an extended period of time, the ability to positively impact the personal and/or musical development of Missouri’s youth.
  5. The candidate must have demonstrated a continued commitment to their own professional and musical growth through active membership in professional organizations.


Submission Instructions:

  • All materials and letters of recommendation must be submitted online at
  • All applications and materials must be submitted by December 1.
  • A nomination and a minimum of three letters of endorsement must be submitted online.
  • The person initiating the nomination must be a member of NAfME and may not be one of the three endorsers. However, the nominator must provide a brief explanation of purpose for their nomination.
  • The person initiating the nomination should gather all materials from recommenders and submit all materials online.
  • A letter of receipt of submission will be sent to all nominators from the administrator of the award process, stating a timetable for notification of selection.
  • The administrator of the award process shall notify the nominator of an incomplete submission. The committee chair is not obligated to accept late nomination materials.


MMEA Hall of Fame Award Nomination Form

  • Nominee Information

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Current or past (if retired).
  • Current or past (if retired).
  • Nominator Information

  • Endorsements

    Three letters of endorsement are required for this nomination. The person initiating this nomination must also submit a letter of purpose/endorsement in addition to the three persons listed below. NOTE: All letters of endorsement must be submitted on or before December 1 of the year preceding the induction.
  • This endorsement should be completed by the nominator. This endorsement may be typed directly in this field OR uploaded below.
  • Max. file size: 456 MB.
  • Max. file size: 456 MB.
  • Max. file size: 456 MB.
  • Max. file size: 456 MB.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.