Brian Hartman


As our purpose states in our governing documents, we are here for the “promotion and advancement of music education in the state of Missouri.” I believe that this purpose has been fulfilled throughout our 81 year history.  Should I be elected, I would most certainly seek to continue this tradition of excellence set forth by our predecessors. To build upon our current situation it is my assertion that we need to look at how we can offer the membership an experience that both fulfills the professional and the personal aspects towards the betterment of the whole teacher.  We all know that the best educators are the ones that build the best relationships.  While I think we all would love to be in a venue for our state convention that would better support a higher quality performance setting, the beauty of hosting our convention at the lake is that we are all together.  We have the opportunity to interact with those in other disciplines and therefore appreciate and foster more meaningful collaborations with each other.

I would like to explore some ideas that would exhibit tangible collaborations between interest sessions and concerts. To have multi-discipline concert sessions that use the space that we have for a well-rounded musical experience for us all.  Each one of us enjoys the student that is enrolled in more than one performing arts class because their performance is prepared over multiple class periods.  And they have perspective that other students do not have.  Why should this idea be only for our students and not for us?  Won’t it makes us better teachers? Won’t it make us a better organization?

Continuing in the recent trend of appreciating all of our music colleagues and giving each discipline a voice is a focus that I believe must continue.  Just because someone doesn’t teach at a large suburban high school doesn’t mean that they don’t have great ideas that we all can use.  Members that have chosen to teach K-12, elementary, or multiple disciplines in a smaller school district need our support and our attention. Most often, this is where our new teachers start and it is my intention to lift them up wherever the need and opportunity arises.

As I have learned in my brief service as Choral VP, there are many moving parts to this organization. It is large enough that inevitably someone or some smaller population feels as if they are left out or their needs are not being met.  I can assure you that this has not been the intention of any of our previous leadership teams but if given the chance to serve, I will do my best to insure that all of our membership is lifted up and supported to the furthest extent that our organization can provide. I look forward to the possibilities!          



Brian Hartman has been the choral director at Liberty North High School since its opening in 2010.  Prior to his current appointment, he held similar positions at Lee’s Summit and Lee’s Summit West High Schools.  He holds degrees from Wichita State University (BME) and the University of Missouri-Columbia (MM conducting).  Brian has served MCDA in numerous positions throughout the years and recently finished his tenth year as the head chaperone for the All-State choir.  Mr. Hartman comes from a musical family.  His father, Bary, taught high school band for 36 years in Missouri and Kansas and his mother was the church organist.  He takes pride in the fact that he has only missed 4 MMEA conventions in his lifetime. Three while in college out of state and one for the birth of his son. Brian enjoys learning from his colleagues when given the opportunities to judge and clinic throughout the region.  Mr. Hartman is proud of his current role at Liberty North having started with just 30 singers in one choir and is continuing to develop the program to encompass six ensembles and over 200 singers.  He is currently enjoying serving as MMEA Choral Vice-President.  His most significant roles in life are that of husband and father.  He is blessed to have an exceedingly wonderful and supportive wife of 11 years, Laura.  Together they have a daughter Cami (9) and son Barrett (8).  They reside in Liberty with their Boston Terrier, Lloyd.  If given the opportunity to serve as MMEA President, Brian hopes to build upon the great work of those who have gone before and continue to increase the roll that MMEA plays in the betterment of students and teachers throughout the state of Missouri.