MMEA technology chair


MMEA Advisory Council Members are appointed by the MMEA Vice-President and approved by the MMEA Board of Directors.

MMEA Advisory Council Members serve two-year terms coinciding with the MMEA Board of Directors’ term. 


The MMEA Technology Chair is responsible for the following duties, each year during their

two-year term:


Position Summary:  The MMEA Technology Chair shall assist in all matters pertaining to the use of technology as it serves music education.


Position Responsibilities:

  • Secure and coordinate two (2) clinic sessions Annual MMEA In-Service Workshop/Conference.
  • Administer all aspects of the Technology Resource Center for the Annual MMEA In-Service Workshop/Conference.
  • Preside over Technology Clinics and the Technology Resource Center at the Annual MMEA In-Service Workshop/Conference.
  • Attend MMEA Board of Director Meetings (February, May, August).

              *NOTE:  MMEA Advisory Council Members serve in an advisory capacity and act as non-voting members

                    on the MMEA Board of Directors

  • Submit four articles for the Missouri School Music Magazine (February, April, August, November)




Job Description:  MMEA Technology Chair

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