86th Annual MMEA In-Service Workshop/Conference

January 24-27, 2024


General Information

  • All proposals must be relevant to music education and/or music performance.
  • All proposals must be submitted through the MMEA Website.
  • Proposals may include recommendations for a specific topic/content to be considered.
  • Proposals may include recommendations for a specific clinician/presenter to be considered.
  • All submissions will be directed to the appropriate MMEA Vice-President and/or MMEA Advisory Council Member for consideration.

*Preference will be given to sessions that provide a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access (DEIA) focus and/or component within the conference theme.

27 | 2024 MMEA Clinic Session Information Form

  • Clinic/Session Information

    Check all areas that you would like to consider this session.
  • Please enter the TITLE of the session exactly as you wish it to appear in MMEA Conference publications.
  • * Limit description to 80 words or less. **Please enter the description exactly as you wish it to appear in MMEA Conference publications. ***MMEA reserves the right to edit session descriptions as needed to comply with publishing guidelines.
  • Please provide pertinent information regarding any/all sponsorship for this session. (i.e. Name of sponsoring company/organization, contact person, contact person information – email, phone, etc.)
    NOTE: Computer availability is the responsibility of the clinician. MMEA does not provide computers for event sessions.
  • Please list any additional equipment/audio visual needs required for this session.
    NOTE: Please refer to Section 10.4 of the MMEA Performance Application Criteria for information regarding Demonstration Ensembles.
  • Please provide any additional information that may be relevant to the success of this presentation.
  • Clinician/Presenter Confirmation


Mark Your Calendar!

January 24-27, 2024