MMEA (Virtual) In-service workshop/conference

Finding Joy: The Power of Music!



January 27, 2021 – February 3, 2021
ONLINE – Through the MMEA Website
Exhibitor Registration
*Exhibitor Registration is not available on mobile devices.  Please use your laptop or desktop to register.  Thank You

Click the link below for instructions (screenshots) for entering/editing information in Exhibitor Profiles.



exhibitor Registration

  • Exhibitor Registration Open:
    • December 15, 2020-January 26, 2021
  • Registration Fee:
    • $100
  • Register Here:



Exhibitor profile includes

  Company Information

  • Company Name
  • Company Logo
  • “About” information
  • Phone #
  • Email
  • Website
  • Social Media links (FB, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Testimonials
  • Sessions sponsored (list)


  Company Representatives

  • Picture/Name/Title/Phone/Email


  Call to Action

  • Upload PDF attachments for download
    • Flyers/Advertisements, etc
  • Upload 30-45 second promotional video
    • can be updated/changed throughout the conference


how it works

  • Register as an exhibitor through the MMEA Website
    • Please use laptop or desktop for exhibitor registration 
    • NOTE: You will set a profile password within the registration form
  • Pay registration fee at time of registration
    • Visa/Master Card
  • You will receive confirmation emails upon completion of registration
    1. Receipt of Payment
    2. Profile password information
  • Prepare information/assets for your exhibitor profile
    • See profile information


  • EARLY JANUARY:  Login and complete your company profile.  (Instructions will be provided when profiles open.)



Conference Dates

January 27, 2021-February 3, 2021