82nd Annual

MMEA In-service workshop/conference  

January 22-25, 2020
Tan-Tar-A Conference Center


To be completed by performing ensemble directors only

Deadline:  December 1


Ensemble set-up & audio/visual requests


The following documentation is required for ALL performing ensembles.

  • Ensemble Set-Up Diagram for Salon A and Salon C performing ensembles must be uploaded through the upload link below.
  • Audio/Visual Requests must be submitted the the online form below.




2022 MMEA Performing Ensemble Set-Up / Audio-Visual Requests

  • Ensemble Information

  • :
  • Ensemble Set-Up

  • Max. file size: 456 MB.
    Upload your Ensemble Set-Up Information Here.
  • Audio/Visual Requests

  • Please describe any Audio/Visual needs that are in addition to the Audio/Visual the provided resources listed above. *NOTE: Any expense involved in securing additional AV needs is the responsibility of the performing ensemble.