Missouri All-State Children’s Choir

                                                        Inaugural Performance

                                              Wednesday, January 22, 2020
                                              4:30pm – Paradise C Ballroom





                Practice Tracks                 
  Weather Contingency Policy 

Event Time Line

2019-2020 School Year


August 15 – Audition Window Opens

October 1 – Audition Window Closes

November 1– Deadline for results to be posted at mmea.net

January 22 – Performance at 82nd MMEA In-Service Workshop/Conference



Teachers will…

  • Record and upload their student auditions
  • Be able to preview student auditions before submitting 

Judges will…

  • Listen and score the auditions using the established rubric
  • Identify disqualifying factors found in the recordings

Judges will not…

  • Know who they are listening to
  • Have access to identifying information for each entry

The All-State Children’s Choir Chair will…

  • Verify completion of judging
  • Be responsible for taking questions regarding policy of the All-State Children’s Choir
  • Generate the final roster to be given to Web Director for notification at mmea.net.
  • Manage audition and participation fees

The MMEA Web Director will…

  • Monitor data processes during registration and judging
  • Be responsible for primary tech support
  • Post the final roster when it is to be released