MMEA In-service workshop/conference

“Appear and Inspire”
January 23-26, 2019
Tan-Tar-A Resort


MMEA Clinic/Session Proposal Form


General Information

  • All proposals must be relevant to music education and/or music performance.
  • All proposals must be submitted through the MMEA Website.
  • Proposals may include recommendations for a specific topic/content to be considered.
  • Proposals may include recommendations for a specific clinician/presenter to be considered.
  • All submissions will be directed to the appropriate MMEA Vice-President and/or MMEA Advisory Council Member for consideration.


2019 MMEA Clinic/Session Proposal Form

  • Contact Information

    Please enter contact information for the person proposing the clinic/session.
  • Clinic/Session Information

  • Enter the proposed Title for the clinic/session (if applicable).
  • Enter a description for the subject content of the clinic/session (If applicable).
  • Please include any additional information pertaining to the clinic/session being proposes (If applicable):
  • Clinician Information:

  • Please list affiliation & title with school/university/company, et.
  • Please list all potential sponsorship for the the clinic and/or clinician expenses.